Mother Anastasie Brown

Mother Anastasie (Jane) Brown (1868-1874) was born on October 18, 1826 in North Arm, Edgar County, Illinois. She entered the Sisters of Providence on January 23, 1844. At the age of 41 she became the third Superior General of the Congregation. Her two three-year terms coincided with the Panic of 1873, which contributed to the community’s financial distress. She later served as a councilor to Mother Mary Cleophas Foley from 1890 to 1896 and was a witness in the Cause of Mother Theodore whom she had known personally as a girl at the Academy and for twelve years in the community. She was also known as a practical architect and after the Fire of 1889 designed the buildings of St. Mary’s, as suggested by Mother Theodore, along the lines of those in France. Mr. Oscar Bohlen, the architect, used her plans. She lived to be ninety-two, dying on August 10, 1918.