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A Note from Sister Barbara Battista, April 9, 2024

We asked Sister of Providence, Barbara Battista, how she chose the Peace Learning Center of Indianapolis (PLC) to offer an in-service workshop on Implicit Bias.

“Well, that was not a difficult decision at all! Many of our Sisters are familiar with the Center and have also participated in their training and have served on committees. We have professional relationships with many of the staff members at the Peace Learning Center. In particular, we know that we learn by doing and the PLC employs that approach.  

“A good deal of the PLC’s training is interactive. Before the implicit bias training, PLC asked participants to take an online survey from Harvard University’s Project Implicit. During the training itself, participants engaged in question-and-answer sessions, small group discussions, and role-play. We could feel the energy in the room change as the unconscious awareness is stirred. After the training, we can see the differences in ourselves by taking the same survey. Our perspectives have been shifted a little and we can become a little more inclusive in our thoughts and actions.   

“As migration and immigration continue, we become aware of the need to look out for bias in ourselves, our institutions and our policies. Since 2020, Asian Americans continue to be the latest victims experiencing increased rates of anti-Asian racism because of  COVID-19. They have been viciously attacked on the streets, in their homes, on elevators, and in office and medical buildings. Experiences of biases, prejudices, and racism, whether personal or collective, constitute stress, and psychosocial trauma that negatively impacts mental and physical health.

“Listening to this podcast will, I believe, open up new possibilities for you and your communities to move towards more equitable, authentic relationships of mutual care and respect across whatever categories might appear to divide us.”

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Sister Barbara Battista

Sister Barbara Battista

Sister Barbara Battista is a native of Indianapolis who currently ministers as the Congregation's Justice Promoter. She credits her social justice activism to her mother Alice's strong example. Raised in a large and extended Italian family household, Sister Barbara comes by community organizing quite naturally. She is a passionate and energetic advocate for full equity and equality for women and girls in church and society.

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