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HOPE summer 2021 — Sharing the light

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HOPE summer 2021

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“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sisters of Providence struggles and wisdom amidst pandemic

“I find that if I fill my cup a few times a day by entering into this Godspace, it helps get me through the chaos and unpredictable events of my day.”

Virtual opportunities a silver lining to a pandemic

Virtual programming and livestream are here to stay. This will just be another way we can continue to connect with people and take our mission into the world.

Can you hear me now?

Through a generous donation of a donor, we have begun to provide needed equipment for sisters to have the technology they need, but we will need even more.

Photo essay: Providence in a year of pandemic

Masking and sanitizing and protesting and Zooming, oh my! Check out some images of what the past year has been like for the Sisters of Providence community.

“Be cheerful, kind to one another” Mother Theodore’s response to epidemic

“Keep your house, the yard, and also your persons clean. Change your linen often and have your children clean also, if they are still with you. Finally, my dear daughters, pray.”

Take a deep breath: spiritual direction during pandemic

“Having Sister Marsha sit, listen, pray and offer her gentle guidance brings the matter up into the light. And once the struggle has been shown the light, the resolution begins.”

100+ year old sisters survive COVID-19

“She has a strong determination to live and has never let anyone do for her what she can do for herself.”

Prayer poem: From darkness into light

And I knew that could happen to our world too —
This growing in and emerging from Darkness into Light

Face-to-face with a pandemic: Sister Arrianne Whittaker

“I am so grateful that I am in the ministry I am in because I have been able to work and feel like I’m contributing to our resolution to fight this disease.”

My Indiana! Meet our new director of Mission Advancement

Experiencing the Woods in person the first time assured us we made the right decision. We were called here for God’s purpose, to the right place, at the right time. I imagine Saint Mother Theodore Guerin felt that way too.

Annual Report fiscal year 2020 (793 kb)

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