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HOPE winter 2021 — Living the Gospel of Hope

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HOPE winter 2021


Living the Gospel of HOPE

What does it mean to actually live a Gospel of Hope? Not just think about it, but live it, in this time and in this place?

Quietly breaking boundaries, creating hope

Few would probably imagine Sister Suzanne running for public office, supervising an adult education program or traveling through South America on her last dollar.

Bearing witness to an execution

At his request she continued, out loud, to pray the prayers as she stepped back away from the execution table to take her place in the corner of the room.

When I was in prison, you prayed with me

For many years, Sisters of Providence and friends and Associates
have helped lead prayer services with inmates
at the Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Allowing for God’s presence: Sisters of Providence hospital chaplains

“Being open to the Spirit in this ministry is a must, along with a deep prayer life, so that we may stay aligned and be able to exhibit an open presence to the other.”

Healing for suicide loss survivors

Sister Connie advises those who are suicide loss survivors to focus on three things: Resilience, finding meaning and purpose for oneself and forming enduring bonds.

Inspiring support for the mission of Providence

“The Sisters of Providence are real ‘stand up’ women who really, really live their faith and do the hard work. The sisters have adapted to the face of the Church. They stay so alive and vital. They are flexible and guided by Mother Theodore.”

Living the Gospel of Hope through better health care access

“People will not wait until they are on their deathbed to go to the doctor if the clinic is within walking distance. Many residents don’t have a car or it’s broken down or out of gas,” said Sister Dorothy.

You can help bring a happy ending to restore St. Joseph Lake

The lake water disappeared. In February 2018, days and days of heavy rain caused several large trees to be torn loose from the earthen berm. When the trees fell, a section of the berm collapsed, allowing the lake water to “escape.”

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