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HOPE fall 2020 — The path of Providence

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HOPE fall 2020

Celebrating 100 years ministering in Asia:

There is a Providence and the Sisters of Providence in Asia are truly its daughters

Throughout the 100-year history of the Sisters of Providence mission in Asia, Sisters of Providence have stayed true to the call from a Provident God to provide loving care and service to people most in need. Over the years, that passion for mission enabled them not only to teach but also to bind up wounds, hide refugees, endure separation and isolation.

Elizabeth Kuo, beloved “Grandma Kuo” of the sisters in Asia

In every stage of the sisters’ trials in China, Aunt (or Grandma as she was later called) Kuo was there, walking to the markets every day, sending meals to the sisters in house arrest, sleeping on a cot in the room where the sisters took their meals.

The legacy of Providence lives on in our sisters in Taiwan

Let me tell you a little about each of our sisters currently ministering in Asia and those who have recently joined us from there.

Our sisters in Asia speak: What it means to be a Sister of Providence

“The freedom in Providence: I try to live ‘here and now,’ and put ‘tomorrow’ in God’s care. Working with God in serving others and recognizing the suffering Jesus among the people I serve is life-giving to me.”

Sisters of Providence who have ministered in Taiwan share their stories

“The grandmother of one of my students, a boy named K-Sing, said to me in Taiwanese one day, ‘I don’t know what it is, but the way you hold my little grandson is different from the other teachers.’ Then she reached out and touched my SP cross, and said: ‘You wear this white cross of your God. I do not know who this God is, but there is a special love in your heart!’”

Can we talk about racism?

You may be feeling overwhelmed and ask, “What actions can I be part of?” May I offer some suggestions?

Why is it so difficult to talk about racism?

People of Color internalized their oppression as a means of survival. They developed strategies, actions and emotions to help live within these disadvantages. We learned that we had to be better, try harder, endure more.

Resources on racism, Black history, anti-racism

Embracing technology to further the Sisters of Providence mission

It became clear that offering “Come and See” weekends as retreats at Saint Mary-of-the Woods would not work for the time being. So Vocations Director Sister Joni Luna, SP, created “virtual” discernment opportunities.

The indelible mark of Providence: Interview with Barbara Ringenberger

Barbara supports the mission and ministries of the Sisters of Providence because they had such a wonderful impact on her life. “The sisters worked diligently to provide my brother and me with an education, both spiritual and academic, that throughout our lives has opened doors as we progressed through our lives,” said Barbara.

Farewell to Guerin College Prep

Although the building is closed, our love and care and prayers for each young woman or man who called Guerin “home” will never end. For it is the people who are “Guerin High.”

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