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HOPE summer 2020 — The circle of giving

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HOPE summer 2020

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“Without each of you and other benefactors like you throughout all of history, nothing of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods and the living mission of the Sisters of Providence would be possible.”

Side by side: our time of need is now

No matter the challenge, you help us solve it. No matter the project, you respond with love and generosity.

Sister Ann Casper: holding nothing back in her service

But when people point out she is still doing too much, she often responds with the wise words of her friend, Sister Jeanne Knoerle, “What are we saving ourselves for?”

So just what is Providence Community Cemetery?

Relatives, former members, Providence Associates, benefactors, alumnae/i of SP schools and staff members have chosen the sacred space of the Woods for their final resting place.

Sister Barbara Doherty: A Sister of Providence icon living with dementia

So many people hold so many great memories of Sister Barbara. Yet for Sister Barbara memory is the challenge. In 2010 Sister Barbara was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer’s and vascular types.

A view from the other side of health care

On July 7, 2017, I experienced an event that changed my life. During heart surgery for mitral valve repair, I had a stroke. It was completely unexpected, leaving me in a situation I never imagined and for which I was completely unprepared.

Sister Eileen Rose Bonner: A spiritual and emotional support to neighbors

Now she spends her retirement years preparing food for shut-ins, working with the parish bereavement committee and tutoring students in English as a second language.

Sister Donna Marie Fu: Called by God to serve a global church

Sister Donna Marie feels she experienced such a fulfilling life in answering her own call to offer her life to God. She continues to encourage that call in other young women. She regrets that political circumstances have prevented others from following a similar path.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin moment: Funding God’s mission

Catholic sisters are funded by the Catholic Church, right? Actually, no; although many Catholics and non-Catholics alike hold this misconception.

Annual report

“Your kindness and generosity to us have that same kind of monumental impact. My awareness of that profound inter-connectedness of all of us has deepened even more as I have reflected on the data and the stories provided in this annual report,” writes Sister Dawn Tomaszewski.

Sister Kathleen Dede: Reaching out in love right where you are

Yes, our sisters minister wherever they are, long after they pass retirement age. Somehow, Providence leads them to critical unmet needs to which they can respond. For Sister Kathleen, it’s being a face of Providence in healthcare.

Sister Gloria Memering: Bringing the music

Until Sister Gloria’s retirement in 2011, all but five years were spent teaching music in schools and engaging in parish music ministry.

Evolving Providence in time of pandemic and beyond

“We have an obligation to continue to trust our Provident God. It’s a mandate. It’s in our vows. We cannot stay still.”

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