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How does reforestation help global warming?

Note: The following blog links to one of our Platform Tenets regarding supporting reforestation and ecological restoration.

Being Daughters of the Forest, we Sisters of Providence enjoy the legacy of our beloved Saint Mother Theodore at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods as we move through the seasons and the transformation of the mighty oaks, flowering dogwoods, and faithful conifers.

Close to our hearts are issues dealing with deforestation and climate change as well as solutions that truly make a difference. In her research, Amber Murray, an author who writes for The Global Climate, addresses important questions such as the impact of deforestation on the environment and how reforestation can help.

Reforestation is the replanting of trees in areas that were devastated by human made or natural deforestation.

Reforestation mostly refers to planting trees and other plants that are local to the area and allowing the species that reside in these places to take root once again.

Deforestation is among the leading causes of human-made climate change, and continuing on this path will only accelerate the process.

Forests are being cut down, and habitats are being destroyed every year.

Reforestation is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to limit global warming.

Replacing trees that were decimated by fires or human impact will revitalize the planet and reduce the negative effect that burning fossil fuels will have.

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