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Sister Charles Ellen Turk

A reading from the Gospel of John (2:35-42)

“The next day, John (the Baptizer) was back at his post with two disciples, who were watching. He looked up, saw Jesus nearby, and said, ‘Here he is, God’s Passover Lamb.’” The two disciples heard him and went after Jesus. Jesus looked over his shoulder and said to them, ‘What are you after?’ They said, ‘Rabbi’ (which means teacher), ‘where are you staying?’ He replied, ‘come along and see for yourself.’ They came and saw where he was living, and ended up staying with him the day. … Andrew, Simon’s brother, was one of the two who heard John’s witness and followed Jesus. The first thing he did after finding where Jesus lived was find his own brother Simon … He immediately led him to Jesus.”

Sister Charles Ellen Turk

Like Andrew, Mary Cleophas Turk accepted Jesus’ invitation to come and see for herself where Jesus lived. Like Andrew, Sister Charles Ellen knew she wished to and would follow the Christ where he led her. In fact, she was determined (in her mild and firm Charles Ellen way) to follow Jesus, said Sister Denise Wilkinson in her commentary for Sister Charles Ellen Turk, who passed away on Wednesday, December 25, 2019, at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana. She was 101 years old and had been a Sister of Providence for 84 years.

Sister Denise continued: Let us hear the story in Charles Ellen’s own words. “I was in community about 30 years and Mother Rose Angela asked me when I committed myself to religious life. When I said after eighth grade, she questioned me and I told her this story. When preparing to enter the Juniorate (a high school for girls wanting to be sisters), my mother told me to speak with our parish priest. Summer activities on the farm and distance from the church limited opportunities to ‘drop in.’ I accompanied my sister to town one Friday and stopped at the rectory and told Father my plans. After a few questions from him, he said, ‘Well stop in next Sunday and I’ll tell you whether you can go or not.’ My prayer that week was, ‘Maybe I won’t get to Saint Mary’s this September, God – but I’m coming.’”

Mary Turk knew what she wanted when Jesus looked over his shoulder and asked her ‘what are you after?’ She knew what she was after and lived her call as a Sister of Providence for 84 years.

Mary Cleophas Turk was born to Charles Turk and Mary Ellen Ryan Turk on November 5, 1918, in Washington, Indiana. She was one of 11 children – seven sisters and three brothers, all of whom have preceded her in death. When last Charles Ellen updated her information sheet for the Office of Record, 112 persons called her aunt, great-aunt, great-great-aunt or great-great-great-aunt. She talked about you, her family, so often and with great love. As one sister remarked, “I’d visit her in Lourdes and ask about her family and we were good for 45 minutes of conversation.”

Charles Ellen earned her bachelor’s degree in education at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and her master’s degree in mathematics at Indiana State University. She taught in grade and high schools in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. She served several times as Assistant Principal or Principal.

We get a glimpse of how students perceived her from this comment of a former student: “My memories of Sister Charles Ellen include our meetings when we started the Ladywood-St. Agnes alum association and her hard work and guidance. – and she was always the consummate hostess and had treats and snacks for us. She gave us little brass traveler’s prayer plaques for our cars (which is still in my car) because the committee (mostly northsiders) had to drive so far to the convent near Roncalli to the meetings.

Sister Charles Ellen Turk (left) and Sister Tracey Horan.

Her style of leadership as Principal is captured in this tribute: “Cooperation among parents, administrators and students has been a characteristic of Mother Theodore Guerin High School … under the leadership of Sister Charles Ellen.”

Two more comments from women who worked with Charles Ellen as their Principal.

“As a Principal, she was so down to earth.”

And this from a woman, hired by Charles Ellen, as a first-time teacher: “Sister Charles Ellen was special to me … As a new convert, I was eager to share my faith, and I wanted to do so in the way she did. Not in any dramatic way – just being smart, kind and fun, day-to-day reaching out to kids and families in small but effective, life-changing ways. I liked her because she was honest and genuine.”

Charles Ellen also earned her certification as a secondary school guidance counselor. Upon retiring as director of guidance at an Indianapolis high school, it was said of her that she set a “trailblazing standard for all Catholic school guidance personnel.”

Charles Ellen ministered as treasurer of the Saint Gabriel Province. In 1986, she served on a committee negotiating “a new salary package for women religious,” working in the Diocese of Evansville. Increased stipends, housing provided by the parish, cars for professional use and insurance coverage were all part of the package accepted by the diocese. Charles Ellen, your work certainly made a big difference in how Sisters of Providence would answer the question, “where are you staying?”

Charles Ellen’s last ministry was “to pray for our benefactors.” As long as she was able, she came to liturgy in Church. When Father Dan asked us to add our own intercessions, we would always hear her voice: “For all of our benefactors, let us pray.” Charles Ellen often said the community’s biggest benefactors were the sisters’ parents for they had given their most precious gift – their daughters.

Charlie’s most recent home was Mother Theodore Hall. We grew used to seeing her walk herself up and down the hallways in her wheelchair – always smiling, always talking. Oh Charlie was a talker all right.

It seems to me that the following story best describes Sister Charles Ellen’s long life as a Sister of Providence, as a woman who knew what she was after and whose life led many others to Jesus.

Charles Ellen was living in Lourdes. Her health was declining and it seemed time for her to move to Mother Theodore Hall, long term care.

The manager of Lourdes called Charles Ellen’s health care representative and asked her to come to talk with Charlie about the need for her to move. This move always means losing yet another degree of independence. It’s difficult for any resident.

The health care rep talked to Charlie about moving: Why it was necessary; why the health care staff and her health care representatives thought it the best thing to do. Disadvantages of staying where she was were presented; advantages of moving were listed.

The health care representative came to the end of her rather long monologue. There was a pause; Charles Ellen looked right at her and said, “Do you want me to move to Mother Theodore?”

“Well, yes,” said the startled health care rep.

“Well, said Charles Ellen, “I’ve lived my vow of obedience all these years. Why would I say no now?”

Indeed, Mary Cleophas Turk, Aunt Mary, Sister Charles Ellen, Charlie – why would you say no now? You knew what you wanted when you received the invitation “to come and see for yourself.” You have led many to know and love the God whom we call Providence. And now you enjoy the fullness of God’s love.

Why would you say no now – you never have before.

Funeral services for Sister Charles Ellen took place on Monday, January 6, and Tuesday, January 7, at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

We welcome you to share your memories of Sister Charles Ellen in the comment section below.

Memorial contributions in Sister Charles Ellen’s honor may be made to the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Sister Charles Ellen Turk

Complete Ministry

In Indiana: Teacher/Principal, St. Ann, Indianapolis (1950-55); Teacher, Principal, St. Matthew, Indianapolis (1958-61); Teacher, Ladywood-St. Agnes, Indianapolis (1973-75); Guidance Director, Ladywood-St. Agnes, Indianapolis (1975-76); Guidance Director, Roncalli High School, Indianapolis (1976-78); Guidance Director/Assistant Principal, Roncalli High School, Indianapolis (1978-85); St. Gabriel Province Treasurer, St. Jude Convent, Indianapolis (1985-89); Convent Administrator/Province Health Assistant, St. Jude Convent, Indianapolis (1989-92); Area Assistant-Holistic Health Care, Indianapolis (1992-97); Residential Services Staff, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (1998-2008); Prayer, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (2008-2019).

In Illinois: Teacher, St. Leo, Chicago (1938-39); Teacher, St. Angela, Chicago (1939-41); Teacher, St. Mel, Chicago (1941); Teacher, St. Mel-Holy Ghost, Chicago (1941-44); Teacher, St. Angela, Chicago (1944-50); Teacher, Costa Catholic High School, Galesburg (1964-68); Guidance/Assistant Principal, Costa Catholic High School, Galesburg (1965-69); Principal, Mother Theodore Guerin High School, River Grove (1969-73).

In Missouri: Teacher/Principal, Our Lady of Providence High School, St. Louis (1955-58).

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  1. Avatar Sister Connie Kramer SP on December 26, 2019 at 10:20 am

    Sister Charles was a wonderful mentor for me as a young teacher and a community woman. She was always affirming and had great ideas about effective and practical teaching methods.

  2. Avatar Greg Dant on December 26, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Sr. Charles Ellen was one of a kind. She was just a lovely person and she had a phenomenal memory. A few years ago, we came to SMW’s to go to Mass and then we had brunch in O’Shaunessy Hall, with Sr. Charles Ellen. I overheard one of the other Sisters ask about us. Sister Charles Ellen replied that she had known me, since I was a junior in high school. Since that was about 35 years prior, I asked Sr. how she knew when she first met me. She replied, “I came to Roncalli in 1976, weren’t you a junior, that year?” Wow, I was amazed that she had such recall. I had to do a little calculating, before I realized that she was right. We love you, Sister. RIP

  3. Avatar Rita Moore on December 26, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Sr. Charles Ellen was my math teacher at Costa High School in Galesburg. Thanks to her, I have always loved algebra. Rest In Peace, Sister. Jesus got a very special birthday present this year!

  4. Avatar Mary Stephany on December 26, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    Sister Charles Ellen was a major light in my life as well as an inspiration to me as a teacher. She taught me not to say “I can’t” if I hadn’t tried. Possibly the kindest and most giving person I have ever met. You will always be in my heart and mind “Charlie.”

  5. Avatar Eileen Horan on December 26, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    I can truly say that Sr. Charles Ellen made a big difference in my life. In 1977, I was a high school senior at Roncalli and Sr. Charles Ellen was my guidance counselor. She told me that she thought I could get a scholarship to Marian College. I hadn’t really thought about attending Marian up until then. But I did get a scholarship to Marian and that is where I met my husband, Joe. We’ve been married for 37 years and have five children and three (soon to be four) grandchildren. Even more special is the fact that our daughter Tracey is now a Sister of Providence. Thank you, Sr. Charles Ellen for being so “providential ” in my life.
    Rest in eternal peace.

    • Avatar Diane Weidenbenner on January 3, 2020 at 9:38 am

      Thanks for sharing such kind memories.

  6. Avatar Madonna Buchanan on December 30, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you so much for including the information as to where the Sister taught.

  7. Avatar Madonna on December 30, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    May she rest in peace with all those wonderful Sisters of Providence who are with us in spirit. Sister Eleanor Therese, Sister Mary Canisius, Sister Agnes Josephine, Sister Mary Justina, Sister Mary Gonzaga, Sister Charlotte Bruck, Sister Charlotte, Sister Agnes Lucille, Sister Virginia Ann, Sister Mary Raymond, Sister Gertrude Agnes, Sister Thomas Aquinas, Sister Beatrice Cecile, Sister Mary Alma, Sister Mary Neil, Sister Mary Ursula, Sister Angela Marie, Sister Henrietta Marie, Sister Margaret Ann, Sister Rita Cecile, Sister Margaret Elise, Sister Jane de Chantal, Sister Amelia, Sister Margaret Thomas, and Sister Mary Ignatia.

  8. Avatar Julie Rohrer on December 31, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    Sister Charles Ellen Turk was my great aunt. She was always smiling and full of knowledge. She always had a story or history lesson to share. We were able to celebrate her 100th birthday with her in 2018. She will be missed. Love you Aunt Mary!

    • Avatar Diane Weidenbenner on January 3, 2020 at 9:37 am

      Thank you for sharing this, Julie!

  9. Avatar Bobbi Kennedy Delon on January 9, 2020 at 5:34 pm

    I met Sr. Chuck at Ladywood-St. Agnes as our religion teacher. She made such an impact with her caring demeanor and openness to all of us teenage girls. Sr. Chuck and I had a special connectedness as both our families came from tiny little Washington, Indiana. My grandpa talked about Bernie Turk. I will never forget her. Sr. Chuck will always have a place in my heart and in my prayers!

  10. Avatar Jane Mangieri Mayer on January 10, 2020 at 9:41 am

    I had the privilege of having Sister Charles Ellen as my Sodality Moderator while a student at Costa High School in Galesburg Illinois. She was such a kind, patient, joyful, but mostly loving women in the lives of me and my fellow classmates. Sister Carles Ellen and I had a lot in common. We both came from large families. She from eleven, I from twelve. She always gave you her undivided attention when you needed someone to talk to and you KNEW she totally understood. I will be missing Sister Charles Ellen but I rejoice knowing that she is now in Heaven with my parents and all who have gone before her. Rest in peace Sister Charles Ellen, rip.

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