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It was so great to talk with you!

“It was so great to talk with you!” “Thank you so much!”

These exclamations were heard many times during the sisters’ annual phonathon. How wonderful it was to hear sisters, Providence Associates, staff and volunteers recall enjoyable conversations with donors all over the nation. Many stories were shared and sisters reconnected friends and alumni from Sisters of Providence schools. 

The annual phonathon is an important stewardship and fundraising effort for the Sisters of Providence.

The goal of this annual effort is to call donors, take prayer requests and ask for support. This event takes place over a period of three weeks in February. Calling is done on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Each night many volunteers make calls, record prayer requests and send out the many pledge forms made by our wonderful donors.

Together more than 4,000 calls were made this year.

We were blessed to receive many commitments to make a gift to the Sisters of Providence. These gifts are an important part of helping the sisters maintain their mission and ministries. The phonathon also received hundreds of prayer requests and were blessed with many financial gifts. Each prayer intention was written down and taken to the Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore. Taking prayer requests is another important part of the phonathon. Please know the sisters pray for you and all our benefactors daily.

Your relationship with the Sister of Providence is important to us.

With limited time, we regret we were not able to call all of our donors and share our gratitude. We also discovered many phone numbers we have on record are no longer in service. If you did not get a call from a sister and would like to receive one, please call us at 812-535-2800 or email MA@spsmw.org. We would love to talk with you!

Thank you for taking our calls. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and thank you so much for helping the Sisters of Providence.

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Zach Pies

Zach Pies is part of the Mission Advancement team for the Sisters of Providence. He has been coming to the Woods since he was 6 years old. Zach enjoys sharing the stories, mission and ministries of the sisters with our donors and friends.

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