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O Antiphon – O Key of David come free us

Artwork by Sister Rosemary Borntrager, SP, 2002.

As we read the Book of Kings, it is startling to discover that even though they were lawful descendants of David, the constant refrain describing all but two of the kings reads: “He did evil in the sight of the Lord.” David himself sinned seriously yet to David belong the key and scepter of the House of Israel.

The Messiah is born of Mary of David’s lineage; Jesus holds the key to salvation and the scepter of power over sin and death.

The account of Jesus’ giving the keys of the kingdom to Peter was a sign of his leadership and his responsibility in the early Christian community. They were to be used to free people from the power of evil and the darkness of sin by revealing the love and mercy of God, who became one of us for our salvation.

As parent, teacher, administrator, what keys do you hold as your responsibility? How might you open others to the revelation of God’s merciful love through your words and actions?

O Key of David and Scepter of the House of Israel, you open and no one closes; you close and no one opens. Come, and deliver those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death.

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About these O Antiphons
Text (adapted for the blog by Sister Ann Casper) by Sister Ruth Eileen Dwyer (RIP). Artwork by Sister Rosemary Borntrager, 2002.
Among the favorite prayers of the Advent season are the O Antiphons prayed on the closing days of Advent, Dec. 17 to Dec. 23.
Many of the most significant titles of the One who is to come weave together in the O Antiphons to form a biblical account of how Israel awaited the promised Messiah. Their hope-filled longing came to realization in salvation through Jesus the Christ.
The antiphons trace a chronological path through Israel’s history of people and events that led to the coming of the Messiah who brought salvation for the people. The illustrations add visuals for reflection and contemplative insights into the meaning of the antiphons and enhance their beauty.
We invite you to reflect on an O Antiphon each day leading to Christmas. One word dominated this ancient prayer – Come!!!
For what need or desire do you most eagerly pray, “Come, Lord Jesus?”

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