Ever since I made my retirement from my present ministry as Executive Director of Mission Advancement for 17 years somewhat public, it’s been interesting to hear people’s reactions. “So soon?” one person queried, with tongue in cheek, and another marveled that I would have stayed at fundraising for so long!

Actually, there’s a bit of truth in both comments. It does really seem “soon,” because I have so enjoyed fundraising even though it often gets a “bad-rap.” The “really soon” part reminds me of all the wonderful, generous benefactors to the Sisters of Providence that I have never met, sad to say! Probably I would have to live two or three life times to do so!

And fundraising, after all, is being in relationship with the relatives of our sisters, former students in our schools, ministry associates of sisters through the years, associates and staff members — in short, people who have like values and want to make a difference in life. What’s there not to like about that?

It’s been grand to know there are so many people Together in mission with the SPs! Their gifts have assisted us in completing so many capital projects, helped care for our sisters who are retired or ill, supported our ministries and programs, attracted women and associates to join us and operated our many departments which further the SP mission and so much more on a daily basis. And we have another whole segment of folks who are Together in mission with us as volunteers, pray-ers, attendees at our programs and events and probably in other ways we don’t even know about.

Actually during these 17 years, I’ve worn a few other hats in the Mission Advancement office, one of which is editing most copy created by my fantastic staff. I’m talking letters, flyers, brochures, HOPE magazine, press releases, advertisements for print and/or web, blogs, e-newsletters, videos … you get the picture.

Now to share a great irony! The last two prayer-bookmarks that I wrote and then proofed very carefully after they were designed (and so did others in the office) were printed and sent out with my name misspelled! So, if you happen to receive one, know that Ann Casper, SP and Ann Capser, SP are one and the same person …

Proving yet again that God always seems to have the last laugh!