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“The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ

Preparing to bring God’s love, mercy and justice to the world

“My mind and my heart have been stretched and made more pliable through the formation process. And I know that I am loved. And the fact that I am loved calls me to love as well,” Sister Dina Bato said.

A mother’s prayer

Sister Dina’s mother Cynthia relates the story where she believes God spoke to her regarding her daughter’s vocation.

Providence Cristo Rey High School: 10 years of changing lives in Indianapolis

As the school marks the end of its 10th year of operation, it seemed only fitting that we share some of the many “success stories” of its graduates.

Volunteers help the Woods run smoothly

“The relationships I’ve developed with sisters, staff and other volunteers are probably the most significant and positive in my life. I have found a new family, who love me unconditionally and with whom I share a spirituality, which has deepened and broadened among them,” Peggy said.

Sister Maureen Fallon: supported by the Ministry Fund

“I am very grateful to those who contribute to the Ministry Fund and make it possible for me to be in this place to minister,” Sister Maureen said.

Help people in need through the Foley Legacy Fund

The newly established Foley Legacy Fund will continue to financially support ministries that provide direct service to the economically poor and underserved.

Prayer: Creating hope together

Provident God, dispelling darkness with the gift of a new dawn, fuel me with sensitivity and wisdom to break boundaries and create hope …

Faithful donors make mission possible

In Marion Rapp’s 1987 Christmas letter to the sisters, she wrote “I met the sisters, for the first time, when I entered the first grade class at Our Lady of Mercy grammar school. On my part, it was a matter of love-at-first-sight, a long-lasting love.”

My favorite part: visits to the Woods have an impact

“My favorite part was praying with Mother Theodore Guerin because I felt her with me.” Children share letters after visiting Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Introducing Foley Park Pavers

We are excited to announce another location on this “holy ground” of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods where donors may honor or memorialize loved ones or recognize special occasions.

Infographic: Sisters of Providence ministries today

An easy, graphic way to see the ministries sponsored by the Sisters of Providence today.

Infographic: Did you know Sisters of Providence started …

A listing of ministries and schools once run by the Sisters of Providence that are still in operation.

Recurring gifts keep giving

“My reason for monthly donations is appreciation for the strong educational role nuns have played in my life and that they deserve to be cared for lovingly at the end of their lives.”

Sustainable living: beyond the basics

“Shop locally. Consider environment as a whole.” White Violet Center for Eco-Justice interns offer some practical tips.



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