Rod Marino came to entertain the sisters in March and was happy to see his 8th grade teacher, Sister Terese Marie Havlik, for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Rod Marino, “the Casual Crooner,” traveled from Chicago to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods to entertain Sisters of Providence and friends at the end of March. He and his wife Diana performed in the Providence Dining Room and in Providence Health Care. Rod also called upon his sister, Providence Associate Mel Marino Wolff, and me, Providence Associate Sheila Donis, to sing along with him.

The most touching duet was that of Rod and Sister Terese Marie Havlik, Rod’s 8th grade teacher, whom he hadn’t seen in almost 49 years. Sister Terese Marie knew every word, sang and moved gently to the music.

Rod Marino “The Casual Crooner” entertains in Providence Health Care with his former 8th-grade teacher Sister Terese Marie Havlik and his wife Diane.

Rod has had Parkinson’s disease for 17 years. He is a remarkable example of how increased vocal effort can be an effective technique in improving vocal loudness and voice quality in patients with Parkinson’s disease. He touched our hearts with a memorable repertoire of fun and loving music from years past. The audience especially loved his parodies with references to Saint Mother Theodore and her “sisters.”

Rod will be returning to the Woods to entertain the sisters and associates during their annual meetings in June.