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8th Day Center Statement on Orlando massacre

Sister Kathleen Desautels

Sister Kathleen Desautels

Sister Kathleen Desautels ministers as a staff person for 8th Day Center for Justice, based in Chicago.

Recently, she shared the center’s statement of “sorrow, anger and solidarity with LGBTQ victims and their community” following the tragedy that took place in Orlando with the Congregation.

Here is the statement in its entirety:

“The 8th Day Center for Justice Staff, Coordinating Council, and Assembly are deeply saddened and angered by the senseless massacre that happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on Saturday evening. Our deepest sympathy, presence, and prayers are with the families of the many innocent victims and the survivors, who have all been left to deal with the trauma of this atrocity. As we have for many years, we stand with the LGBTQ+ community whose safety and dignity have once again been threatened by this unimaginable attack.

8th Day Center Bird“As is the case in any situation, we know that the actions of one are not representative of any group. In times of tragedy, it is both easy and tempting to fall into the trap of blaming in order to provide answers for our hurting and healing for our wounds. We stand with the Muslim community who once again fall victim to Islamophobia simply because the perpetrator was Muslim himself. The correlation of Islam and violence is a fallacy; it is a gross generalization to blame an entire community for the action of an individual.

“This attack on the queer Latino community of Orlando was inexcusable; it is an attack on the human community at large. The shooter’s actions are representative of the ills and pathologies of our culture, a culture that perpetuates violence, racism, homophobia, and hyper-masculinity. Until we address these ills of our society, we will never see an end to this violence. As a faith-based organization, we know that we must address the flawed structures and attitudes within our own faith communities that perpetuate these ills so that true justice, peace, and safety can be achieved for all.

“8th Day Center vows to stand with the LGBTQ+ community to address the systems that allow such heinous acts to take place. We cannot and we will not rest until the diversity of the human community is celebrated, and all are reverenced for the sacredness of their humanity.”

Learn more about 8th Day Center for Justice here.

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