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2 days and 2 ways to read Journals and Letters

Journals-and-LettersThe world is divided into two groups: those who read e-books and those who read “real” books. Regardless of your preference, now the history of the Sisters of Providence and the story our foundress, as documented in “Journals and Letters of Mother Theodore Guerin” is available to both groups!

Linden Leaf Gifts is your source for all things Mother Theodore and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Be sure to pick up your copy of Journals and Letters, as we celebrate the grand opening of the shrine this weekend. If you already have your copy, pick one up for a friend! Share the love!

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If you are addicted to your tablet, iPad or Kindle, you must be jumping for joy over the recent news that Journals and Letters is now available as an e-book! You can tap, swipe and search to your heart’s content as you delve deeper into the amazing story of our dear Mother Theodore.

Find the e-book at Amazon’s Kindle store here (Journals and Letters of Mother Theodore Guerin) on the iBooks store, or in other online e-book retailers.

Happy reading!

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Ariane Detamore

Ariane was a marketing manager for the Sisters of Providence. She earned her master's in leadership development from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in 2010.

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  1. Diane Weidenbenner on October 23, 2014 at 11:33 am

    I have the e-book of Journals and Letters and I love it. I have it with me now so whenever I need to look up a quote or read a memorable passage. it’s handy. I still have my hard copy, too, but the e-book is my new favorite version. Thanks for all the hard work, time and energy involved in making it digital.

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