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A story for lenten reflection

hands graphicSally:
Well here we go again, its Lent! What are we supposed to do Lord? Every year we enter this season! So what am I supposed to give up this year in order to become a better person?

It sounds like you are a little frustrated entering into this holy season of Lent!

I am. I always give up chocolate, then Easter comes and I get sick because I have eaten so much of it!

Sally, don’t give up anything — just take a good look at who you are! Sometimes I feel people miss the point on why I made them. I made the people of God because I love and honor them so much. Can’t they see I make only beautiful pieces of humanity? Each individual that I create is unique and sacred. Why can’t they see this?

I never gave that a thought, God. I don’t always get it. I feel that you are out there in the chaos of the Universe. I can’t imagine that you, the Divine Mystery, dwell in me! Maybe that is what I will focus on this year, our journey together.

That’s right Sally, our journey together! All I ever ask is that you open your heart to me. Allow me in so I can show you how beautiful you are. I gave you Jesus to help you see that I realize humanity is difficult. There are so many distractions that surround you each day: your cell phones and technology consumes you, music and noise, pettiness and anger, sickness and death, guilty feelings, hurts, shameful acts, wounds of unfaithfulness, the lack of forgiveness, fears of everyday life and facing the challenges each day. This is all stuff. Push it aside and simply let me in.

You sure are asking an awful lot of me!

No, I am not! I am simply asking you to take these days of Lent, clear the clutter and simply be with me, with Jesus. Walk with my son these next few weeks; see what he did for you. See how he reached out to the poor. Watch how compassionate he was with the sick. Watch how he touched those who were untouchable. Watch how he forgave those who hurt him so much. Jesus showed you the way. Simply follow his footsteps. Allow the grace to pour over you. Allow peace to enter into your pore,s and you will feel a freedom that only you can retrieve from within your own heart.

God, you are asking a lot. It was simpler “giving something up”. But I’ll give it a try.

Good Sally, I only ask you to try! I have asked nothing more from you than I have asked from Jesus himself. Just know that I am always with you. In everything you do or say I am there. Try to trust these words.

That’s a lot to ask God, you know it’s not that easy to trust. But I will try it your way this time.

I am glad to hear this Sally! Know that I am with you on this journey of 40 days. All I ask is that you try each day. I look forward to being on this journey with you and Jesus.

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Sister Diane Mason

Sister Diane Mason served as director of Providence Associates for the Sisters of Providence until 2017. Prior to that she ministered for 37 years as a teacher or principal at the elementary level. She currently lives and volunteers in Orland Park, Illinois.

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