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Letter from a saint: to Sister Gabriella

Portions of a letter to Sister Gabriella of Fort Wayne, Ind.

(Sister Gabriella O’Neill was Mother Theodore’s first postulant of 1841. She was born in 1804 and died in 1875. The letter was dated Sept. 23, 1855.)

“It is with pleasure that I can satisfy your desire of receiving some lines from me. They may be the last, for my health is far from being good. I look better, as my face and left side are much swollen; but in reality, all my better is to feel a little stronger than I did. I am very grateful to Our Lord for this, for I can go to Mass, and after that I am more courageous to carry the cross that Our Lord has sent me in His mercy. Had He taken me sooner I do not think I would have loved Him so much; or at least I would not have appreciated enough the happiness of suffering for Him who has suffered so much for us. I do not think that I yet esteem enough that inestimable favor, but I may say that I do value it more than I did. I would not change my cross for any consolation that Our Lord might give me instead, though I must say that it is painful to be in the state in which I am. But, dear Sister, I must stop — I have already spoken too much about myself. You will excuse me, and you will continue to pray for your old Mother and to offer some of your good works for her particular necessities. I am happy to know that you have the prospect of a good school this year; thus to be afforded more means for doing the work of your holy vocation.” (“Journals and Letter,” p. 406)

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