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Journals and Letters week 32: Death, taxes and inconsiderate ladies

By Mary Riley | May 15, 2021 |

Things seem to have settled down a bit for Mother Theodore. Now she must deal with the ordinary frustrations of daily life.

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Journals and Letters week 33: Reasons Mother Theodore may have felt overwhelmed and crabby

By Sister Denise Wilkinson | May 22, 2021 |

Sister Denise Wilkinson, SP, lists the top reasons why she believes Mother Theodore might have been feeling overwhelmed and a bit crabby.

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Journals and Letters week 34: Loving the ‘Right Way’

By Jeannie Smith | May 29, 2021 |

Here “loving the right way” offers sympathy, speaks of affection and admiration for Mme’s daughter, and ends by offering both a smile (even a laugh) and assurance of prayers.

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Journals and Letters week 35: Letter of instruction, letter of prayer

By Linda McMahon | June 5, 2021 |

Mother Theodore’s letter to Bishop Bouvier struck me as a type of prayer. It included praise of Providence, thanksgiving for favors received, petitions of need and a prayer of lamentation. She acknowledges those whose spirituality and actions were Providence for the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods community.

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Journals and Letters week 36: Advice to those in charge

By Sister Ann Casper | June 12, 2021 |

Mother Theodore invites them to consider, “might you be the cause of another’s fault? Are you wanting in foresight or wisdom, gentleness or charity?” And so often, isn’t it true, that we ourselves can be our own worst enemy?

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Journals and Letters week 37: Good for nothing but to love God

By Sister Denise Wilkinson | June 19, 2021 |

We get only a few glimpses of Sister St. Francis Xavier in what we’ve read. But they hint at her character and her friendship with Mother Theodore.

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Journals and Letters week 38: Communicating with postulants and sisters

By Mary Riley | June 26, 2021 |

Mother Theodore had to wear many hats in her lifetime. Her letters throughout the book really exemplify the many roles she had to play.

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Journals and Letters week 39: The loving guidance of a mother

By Linda McMahon | July 3, 2021 |

In struggles we may be facing, we, too, may need someone to lovingly challenge us and guide us in realizing the effects our shortcomings have on us and on those with whom we live, work and worship.

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Journals and Letters week 40: All will be well

By Sister Ann Casper | July 10, 2021 |

She is inviting Sister Maria to deal with the reality of her situation. To stay in the present moment (teaching music lessons) rather than fantasizing about what she might do.

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Journals and Letters week 41: Oh, Maria and other friends

By Sister Denise Wilkinson | July 17, 2021 |

Although she felt affection, appreciation and friendship for each of the people she writes to this week, Mother Theodore is still able to be firm.

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Join us anytime for this reflective, year-long reading and discussion of the “Journals and Letters” of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. (You can find the book here and buy the digital download here.) Follow along as you read with our weekly reflections from 2020-21. Enjoy some time with Saint Mother Theodore.

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