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Sister Laura Parker

By Sisters of Providence | April 18, 2008 |

Sister Laura Parker has firsthand experience with the importance of personal care when an individual is facing significant health issues. When she was a youngster growing up in the Chicago…

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Sister Grace Stewart

By Sisters of Providence | February 18, 2008 |

Editor’s note: Sister Grace died Sept. 1, 2010. Sister Grace Stewart glanced at the wall, noticing it was 11:24 a.m. “It is about time to go to church,” she said.…

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Sister Barbara Doherty

By Sisters of Providence | November 18, 2007 |

Little did Barbara Doherty know she was etching the beginning of a career path when she arranged those chairs into a temporary classroom at her grandmother’s home each Sunday. She…

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Sister Alice Louise Potts

By Sisters of Providence | September 18, 2007 |

Editor’s note: Sister Alice Louise died March 8, 2012, having lived 69 years as a Sister of Providence. Part of Sister Alice Louise Potts’ prayer time each day is spent…

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Sister Denise Wilkinson

By Sisters of Providence | June 20, 2007 |

The evolution of Sister Denise Wilkinson’s life led her quite naturally to joining the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. She grew up in Chicago, part of a close-knit, God-worshipping…

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Sister Rose Ann Eaton

By Sisters of Providence | April 20, 2007 |

Sister Rose Ann Eaton chuckles when she says her life has not followed the path she had in mind. From an early age, she had an idea that she might…

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Sister Bernice Kuper

By Sisters of Providence | February 20, 2007 |

Editor’s note: Sister Bernice died Nov. 26, 2013, at age 91. Sister Bernice Kuper has been a first-hand witness to many dramatic changes that have impacted vocation, formation and spiritual…

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Sister Helen Vinton

By Sisters of Providence | November 20, 2006 |

How many times might you have heard, “I guess it was Providence, but I didn’t know it at the time?” Sister Helen Vinton might be a textbook example. She grew…

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Sister Jeanette Marie Lucinio

By Sisters of Providence | October 30, 2006 |

No telling what spark one nice, well-intentioned smile might kindle in the human spirit. Just ask Sister Jeanette Lucinio what one smile did for her. “I was first attracted to…

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Sister Paula Modaff

By Sisters of Providence | September 1, 2006 |

“Little Paula Modaff in Rome.” Sister Paula Modaff the high school teacher. Sister Paula Modaff the student, studying Spanish and Latin American Literature in Mexico. Sister Paula Modaff the paralegal.…

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Sister Barbara Zeller

By Sisters of Providence | July 30, 2006 |

Sister Barbara Ann Zeller describes herself as innately shy. In her younger years, she said she was a loner. She used to have a penchant for running away from some…

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Sister Susan Paweski

By Sisters of Providence | June 7, 2006 |

I announced to my family that I wanted to be a Sister of Providence after my second day in first grade. The year was 1956. August 14, 2005, I professed…

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In these video clips and stories, get to know some individual Sisters of Providence. Hear about each one’s journey toward becoming a Sisters of Providence and how she lives her calling today.

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