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Sister Barbara Bluntzer

By Sisters of Providence | September 1, 2009 |

Sister Barbara Bluntzer knows just how to start and end her day. “Saint Mother Theodore (Guerin) said, ‘Send your heart a thousand times a day to the tabernacle.’ I try to do that, maybe not a thousand times, but very frequently. I try to keep God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the front of…

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Sister Mary Alice Zander

By Sisters of Providence | August 1, 2009 |

Editor’s Note: Sister Mary Alice died March 5, 2011. You can read her obituary here. I always knew from the time I was in third grade that I wanted to be a Sister of Providence! I am an only child. I grew up in Chicago, Ill., and was taught by the Sisters of Providence through…

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Sister Kay Manley

By Sisters of Providence | July 1, 2009 |

Sisters of Providence were known in my home at a very early age. My parents knew the Duffy, Doherty, McNulty and Patrick families all of whom had daughters who were Sisters of Providence, (SPs). Some of the SPs in those families wrote to me or had other prospective SPs write to me about the possibility…

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Sister Marsha Speth

By Sisters of Providence | June 1, 2009 |

With the Sisters of Providence as my teachers in both grade and high school you could say that I sort of imbibed the spirit or charism of the Congregation without ever knowing it. But that alone does not explain why I am here today. It is both a graced mystery and series of many choices.…

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Sister Jan Craven

By Sisters of Providence | May 1, 2009 |

If the 1960s were known as the roller coaster of social change, then Sister Jan Craven loved every high-speed twist and turn. Society was changing. The Catholic Church was changing. Jan Craven was changing. Her father was a devout follower of John Kennedy and took young Jan to see him in her hometown of Youngstown,…

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Sister Joann Quinkert

By Sisters of Providence | April 1, 2009 |

In some ways, Sister Joann Quinkert may have a parallel experience with Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin, foundress of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of- the-Woods. When Mother Theodore came to the United States in 1840, she found very humble living conditions. There was no convent. A dense forest surrounded her. Resources were limited or…

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Sister Barbara Battista

By Sisters of Providence | March 1, 2009 |

Barbara Battista was working as a pharmacist and leading a good life. “I was an independent woman. I was sure of myself. I was pretty much a wild child. I just didn’t have much room for the Church in my life. I was active in CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), but I was also into having…

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Sister Connie Kramer

By Sisters of Providence | January 4, 2009 |

For Sister Connie Kramer, “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” She is very grateful that Saint Mother Theodore Guerin founded Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College since this is where Providence designed that she would meet the Sisters of Providence. In 1948, her oldest sister, Mary, came to the college as a freshman and, in the next…

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Sister Patty Wallace

By Sisters of Providence | September 4, 2008 |

Sister Patty Wallace has a long history with the Sisters of Providence. She remembers that in fourth grade Sister Frances Joan Baker was her teacher. Sister Maureen Loonam was her principal. She studied under Sister Marie Alexis Geiger who later became principal. In eighth grade, Sister Marilyn Baker was like a personal friend. Sister Mary…

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Sister Judy Birgen

By Sisters of Providence | August 16, 2008 |

Sister Judy Birgen is passionate about helping people who hunger for food. “When I read the Gospel, it’s not just about feeling good about helping people. It’s about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked. I do it because of who I am. If you say you’re going to be living the Gospel of Jesus, that…

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Sister Mary Ann Stewart

By Sisters of Providence | July 16, 2008 |

A well-substantiated belief among Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the- Woods is that women who have had good, personal relationships with individual members of the Congregation are good candidates to devote their lives to serving God. Of course, there are other essentials that call an individual to a life of service in ministry, but the…

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Sister Laura Parker

By Sisters of Providence | April 18, 2008 |

Sister Laura Parker has firsthand experience with the importance of personal care when an individual is facing significant health issues. When she was a youngster growing up in the Chicago area, she suffered from earaches and stomach pains. She also had a serious eye malady that was treatable, but required medical attention. She had to…

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In these video clips and stories, get to know some individual Sisters of Providence. Hear about each one’s journey toward becoming a Sisters of Providence and how she lives her calling today.

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