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Sisters of Providence Traveling Roadshow presentation

Notes for Presenter

First, thank you! Thank you for your YES to the call to bring our beloved Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, the mission and ministries of the Sisters of Providence and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods to your sphere of influence.

A few tips or notes regarding this presentation:

This presentation is divided into three parts. 1. Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, 2. The mission and ministries of the Sisters of Providence, 3. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods and what “The Woods” has to offer the public. You can choose to offer all three portions of the presentation or only one portion (as your speaking situation dictates).

You will find instructions for the presenter in italics on the talking points sheet. These are guides to assist you.

There are multiple optional videos that can be shown as well as a Powerpoint presentation with pertinent photos (coming soon). These are optional additions. Please peruse the presentation and watch the videos prior to beginning to decide what will work for your presentation style and your audience.

A resource page is being provided for your use. This can be used as a handout or take away for your audience.

Most importantly, please MAKE THIS PRESENTATION YOUR OWN. If you choose to deviate from these talking points, please know that is OK. Tell YOUR story. Let your enthusiasm for the Sisters of Providence and their ministries shine.

Download each section here:

Materials order form

We would be happy to send you materials to use or distribute at your presentation. Please fill out this form and we will get you what you need.

Video resources

Sisters of Providence Congregation video


Life of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

http://Life of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dELPn595CA4&t=1001s

Visit Saint Mary-of-the-Woods video


Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Shrine Video


White Violet Center Land Ethic Video


Spiritual Pilgrimage Video


Please provide feedback after your presentation. The Advancing the Mission Committee is looking for your feedback to make this presentation the best it can possibly be. Please complete our follow up survey here.

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