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Sister Celeste Tsai

Sister Celeste was born on May 29, 1943 and died on August 26, 2023.


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Sister Celeste was born in Taiwan. Her final ministry was in prayer at the Providence Convent in Shalu, Taichung, Taiwan. Prior to that, she ministered as a translator and affairs consultant at Providence University in Taiwan. Before that, she ministered at Providence University, acting in several capacities, including director of the Luking Library.

She entered the Congregation on August 30, 1967 and professed her final vows on September 28, 1980.

Sister Celeste graduated from Providence University with a bachelor’s degree in English and earned a master’s degree in Asian Studies from Seton Hall University.

Sister Celeste Tsai

Complete Ministry

In Taiwan: Instructor, Fu Jen University, Hsin Chuang (1973-74); Instructor/Library Director, Providence College, Taichung (1974-77); Library Director/Instructor/Regional Treasurer/Campus Ministry, Providence College, Taichung (1977-79); Instructor/Library Director/Regional Treasurer/Campus Ministry, Providence College, Taichung (1980-85); Instructor/Director Luking Library/Regional Treasurer, Providence College, Taichung (1985-89); Regional Superior/Instructor/Library Director, Providence University, Taichung (1989-91); Director of Formation/Regional Superior, Novitiate, Yuching, Tainan, Taiwan (1991-92); Director of Formation/Instructor/Luking Library Director, Providence University, Shalu, Taichung (1992-93); Instructor/Luking Library Director, Providence University, Shalu, Taichung (1993-2008); Part-time Instructor, Providence University, Taiwan R.O.C. (2008-2010); Translator/Providence University Affairs Consultant, Taichung City (2011-2022); Prayer, Shalu, Taichung (2022-2023).

In Indiana: ELI Program/Instructor, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (1979-80); Translator, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (2010-2011).


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