“To free ourselves to address urgent global issues, especially those impacting women and Earth”
– Sisters of Providence Chapter commitment 2011-2016

Because much of the material suggested on this web page is so difficult to take in, you are encouraged to begin with this positive result of women’s action.

The Indian women who took on a multinational and won


pope francis 2Message from Pope Francis, 2015 World Day of Peace

U.S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking is the designated U.S. representative to Talitha Kum, which is the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons.

ECPAT – A global network of 85 organizations working together in 77 countries for the elimination of all forms of child sexual exploitation through prostitution, pornography and trafficking. This website is filled with data and resources.


“Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls are Not for Sale, an Activist Finds Her Calling and Heals Herself,” by Rachel Lloyd (commercial sex trafficking)

“Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children,” by Linda Smith

“Slave: My True Story,” by Mende Nazer, Damien Lewis


Read Human Rights coming to a table near you,” by Sister Donna Butler


Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slavery. This photo documentary shows many different facets of human trafficking. (Length: 19:21 minutes).

The Fight against Sex Slavery, by Sunitha Krishnan. (Length: 13:12 minutes).

Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking,” a CNN Documentary from 2015.

Breaking the Cycle of Child Marriages, by Zarif Sahin

What makes TassaTag so important?

Travelers Against Sex Slavery and Trafficking Tags (TASSATAG), a gift that can make a difference, are available at Linden Leaf Gifts.

Travelers Against Sex Slavery and Trafficking Tags (TASSATAG), a gift that can make a difference, are available at Linden Leaf Gifts.

There are between one and two million children, under the age of 18, enslaved in the sex trade around the world. It has been estimated that as many as 5,000 children a year are trafficked into the United States, and thousands of American children are trafficked across state borders. Many of these children around the world are exploited by travelers, of which approximately 25 percent are men from the United States.

The ID card inside tag pocket has the number to call if you have information about the sexual exploitation of a child in the United States or abroad. The cost of the tag benefits the women in Thailand who make them and ECPAT advocacy efforts. Learn more about ECPAT here.


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— The Indian women who took on a Multinational and won