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A journey to wider acceptance and love: Sister Tracey Horan and immigration

By Sister Tracey Horan | January 13, 2020 |

Like most stereotypes, my beliefs about immigrants most likely came from a combination of sources: messages I heard from the news, friends, and media that convinced me that immigrants were an inherent threat to my well-being.

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Ministry at the border: belleza (beauty) of binationality

By Sister Tracey Horan | August 16, 2019 |

As I move into this new ministry of accompanying and learning from people on the move — people fleeing violence, seeking opportunity, working to keep their families together — I find some solace in the ways Creation shows us that division is a farce.

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Celebrating 8th Day Center for Justice

By Sister Tracey Horan | August 29, 2018 |

I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss that, as the drumbeat of white supremacy in the U.S. echoes louder and the inequality gap widens, this beacon of creative non-violent resistance is simultaneously dimming

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Where Your Treasure Is

By Sister Tracey Horan | May 18, 2018 |

It was so strange to stand outside the place where Sonia was detained

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God’s call is finding a place where we can thrive and be our fullest selves

By Sister Tracey Horan | October 30, 2016 |

“When we talk about vocation, when we talk about a call, it’s not that God is asking us to fit into some box that doesn’t fit us. It’s about finding a place where we can really thrive and be our fullest selves.”

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New energy, focus for justice

By Sister Tracey Horan | October 3, 2016 |

Before discerning a focus, sisters and associates gave input on their priorities. Six key justice issues emerged: environment, human trafficking, immigration and refugees, anti-racism, women’s issues and nonviolence. Still … there was a clear desire for focus.

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A prayer for times of discernment

By Sister Tracey Horan | May 10, 2016 |

At times when the way ahead,
or even the next step,
seems unclear,
assure me that You know what is to come;
that You envision
a plan to prosper me and not to harm me,
to give me a future full of hope.

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Imperfect mercy

By Sister Tracey Horan | April 15, 2016 |

I realized that in both stories, Jesus was open and vulnerable enough to allow others to call him to mercy. In the end, when it came to choosing mercy or sticking with his original plan, Jesus did not dig his heels in based on his own sense of the “right time” or the “right people.”

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Young sisters giving voice to mercy

By Sister Tracey Horan | January 26, 2016 |

Last weekend was my first time attending the Giving Voice 20’s/30’s retreat in Phoenix, Arizona… As we began to unfold what the theme “Contemplating the Mystery of Mercy” meant to each of us, the sisters around the circle shared stories about learning mercy from those they ministered with, struggles to have mercy for themselves, and the simple but challenging calls to mercy in the ins and outs of community life.

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Habit forming dialogue

By Sister Tracey Horan | November 24, 2015 |

“In light of recent acts of violence around the world and expressions of fear and intolerance in our own country, I find in this experience a small circle of light, a glimmer of hope. Among my peers, I found genuine concern, a desire for understanding, thoughtful questions, and an ability to embrace the gift of our diversity. I experienced in a small way the big potential that exists for men and women religious to model dialogue…”

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Foundation day through a young sister’s eyes

By Sister Tracey Horan | October 22, 2015 |

Sister Dina Bato, a woman in formation with the Sisters of Providence, shares what Foundation Day means to her. In Sister Dina’s words, “Mother Theodore brought all of who she was into this mission. That’s what we’re called to do.”

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Our Lady of Providence Shrine celebrates 90 years

By Sister Tracey Horan | October 15, 2015 |

Learn how Jesus mother Mary came to be honored under the title of Our Lady of Providence, Queen of the Home, in a shrine at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

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Sister Tracey Horan is a Sister of Providence in formation. She professed first vows in 2017. She is a former intern at White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, a ministry of the Sisters of Providence. She currently ministers as education coordinator at the Kino Border Initiative/Iniciativa Kino para la Frontera where she works with an education team to coordinate and host individuals and groups for immersions to the U.S./Mexico border in order to engage participants on the current reality of migration.