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Providence: together as one creation

Coming together has the power to change us. We form new relationships, share ideas and resources, make new friends. Along the way we are often called to change our minds and our ways of doing things, writes Sister Nancy Nolan as she reflects on collaboration and Providence spirituality.

How I came to see Providence in this light is a story in collaboration itself.



Prayer for Vocations

Provident God, Your loving designs have shaped our universe.Your loving care continues to sustain all life. Your plans call each of us to participationin the ongoing work of creation. Help us to be your love and to releaseyour transforming energy in our world. Touch the hearts of those searchingfor a way to respond in love…



Missionary spirit of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

Just as the little community was settling in, a devastating fire destroyed all of their provisions for the winter ahead. They lost 150 bushels of wheat and 150 bushels of oats, hay and corn shocks to feed the animals. The barn also contained bacon, suet and extra beds. It was once again a time of throwing themselves with complete abandon into the hands of Providence.


Sister Nancy, formerly Sister Jean Paula, has been a Sister of Providence since 1955. She was the Congregation’s General Superior from 1986 to 1996.