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Volunteer Spotlight: Jack Worley and 10 years of #AlpacaLove!

Before becoming an all-star Sisters of Providence volunteer, Jack Worley worked at the Terre Haute Post Office for 36 years. Upon retirement, he and his wife Patty were looking for a volunteer opportunity that involved animals.

“We worked at the Humane Shelter but the dogs were so noisy,” Jack recalled.

Then, Patty noticed an advertisement to volunteer at the Woods. Despite never having worked on a farm or interacted with animals that were not pets, Jack threw himself into caring for the Sisters of Providence legendary alpaca herd.

White Violet Center Director Mary Riley (left) and Alpaca Manager Tara Elmore present Jack Worley with the thank-you gift on behalf of the Sisters of Providence.


It has been 10 years since he started volunteering. Jack still comes to White Violet Center every Saturday morning to clean and tend to the alpaca barn — even in the dead of winter!

“Rain, snow, sleet, below zero? Not a problem for Jack. He loves the alpacas (and cats) so much! Always has a smile on his face. Even when we accidentally locked him out in the pasture a couple of times,” former Alpaca Herd Manager and Providence Associate Tracy Wilson recalled.

Jack was presented with a thank-you gift for his 10 years of service on a recent cold November morning while he tended to his usual tasks.

The gift is just a small token to show the appreciation that we have for Jack. His dedication means the world to us. Compassionate people like Jack help make the Sisters of Providence ministries thrive and bring forth the mission of love, mercy and justice.


“Jack is such a dependable volunteer who always has a smile on his face and a kind word when we greet him on Saturday mornings,” current Alpaca Herd Manager Tara Elmore added. “Even on holidays, he comes to help with the Saturday morning chores and spend some quality time with the alpacas and, of course, our barn cats, both of whom enjoy the extra attention that Jack gives them.

“Barring health concerns or severe weather conditions, Jack is always there, helping ease the workload of the weekend crew. All of the staff, interns and animals are so grateful to have his assistance. He is an integral part of our White Violet Center family and herd.”

When asked what he most enjoys about volunteering, Jack said, “I love the staff, alpacas and barn cats. It gets me out of the house and I get some exercise! (The alpacas) are friendly and not overly aggressive. Over the years, one called Brittany stood out. She was pretty personable and would push you with her head when she wanted attention.”

Thank you again, Jack, for your dedication and help!

The Sisters of Providence have many volunteer opportunities where you can make a difference. For more information on volunteering for the Sisters of Providence, contact Sarah Knoblock at sknoblock@spsmw.org or 812-535-2878.

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Sarah Knoblock

Sarah Knoblock

A former volunteer herself, Sarah is the Coordinator of Volunteer Services for the Sisters of Providence. For more information on volunteering, contact Sarah at sknoblock@spsmw.org or call 812-535-2878.

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  1. Avatar Susan Paweski, SP on November 18, 2022 at 9:00 am

    What a heartwarming article! Thank you, Jack, for your dedication and love of our alpaca and for the Providence Community!

  2. Avatar Editha Ben on November 18, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    Thank you, Jack for being part of the Providence Community. We are grateful for all your services.

  3. Avatar Debbie Griffey on November 24, 2022 at 8:01 am

    What a great story, Jack! I own llamas so I certainly appreciate the work and dedication you have!

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