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A Journey with a Saint: second circle

Ministry-today_2I just love the energy of this circle.  Not only do the shape and color help in determining the flow of the space, but this was also the perfect place to display what the Sisters of Providence are all about today! Love, mercy,  and justice are not trivial words.  They still hold a lot of power and meaning.  This is the circle I love to take people to and have them read aloud the purpose of the Sisters of Providence being in existence right now in this moment of time. I point out to them that most of the sentences begin with an action verb…ending in “ing” (educating, adopting, seeking, advocating, comforting, being). These are all words that reveal the passion of Providence.

We look over at the wall of brochures that explain all the different ministries that the Sisters and Associates are involved in today. Opposite to that wall are four awards given to the congregation at some time in the past for excellence in some arena. These four concern themselves with “fighting housing discrimination and racism, building the Church in Chicago, Civil War service, and being fine educators.”  These awards are just a few of the many accolades that are part of our ministerial legacy.

Aside from the cute alpaca pictures in this circle, I also love the last paragraph which reads:  “No matter our time in history it could not be clearer.  Sisters of Providence come together as vowed women, join together with others to honor the Divine, to make Providence known, to be love, mercy and justice in this world.”  How simple and how profound are those words?  We are all called to be love, mercy, and justice in our place, no matter where we are, no matter the time in history.


Sister Jan Craven

director of the shrines

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Sister Jan Craven

Sister Jan is a Sister of Providence. Currently she ministers as co-director of Providence Spirituality and Conference Center and as director of shrines at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

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