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Remembering 2011 in photos

Sister Diane Mason is blessed by candidates and associates during last spring’s retreat.

2011 was a busy one for Providence Associates, Candidate-Associates and the Sisters of Providence. We bade farewell to Sister Mary Alice Zander, first director of the Providence Associate Relationship, in March. But as Sister Mary Alice would have wanted it, we kept busy throughout the year.

Last spring’s retreat featured then-General Officer Sister Marie McCarthy and General Superior Sister Denise Wilkinson. A very special part of this retreat was the blessing by associates and candidates of Sister Diane Mason in her new role as director.

During the year there were renewal ceremonies, orientations and local gatherings. Sister Catherine “Cathy” Schwemer, PHJC, was the main speaker during June’s Annual Gathering. During this gathering, Providence Associates met with sisters for the opening of the Congregation’s 2011 General Chapter. The year culminated in the Rite of Commitment and Renewal at the Woods in November.

This past fall, we said goodbye to Sister Jane Marie Osterholt, former General Officer liaison to the relationship, and welcomed Sister Dawn Tomaszewski as our new liaison.

Enjoy this video which unwraps memories of 2011!

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