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Women’s History Month: God chooses the humble

Like any human, Saint Mother Theodore had her doubts about her upcoming mission to the New World. “The Eighth American Saint” describes her feelings:

“What chiefly troubled her [Saint Mother Theodore] about this new mission was that its success or failure would depend on her. She was already forty-one years old, perhaps too old for pioneering; she had never been in really good health since she was a postulant. On the other hand, there were no ties of family to hold her. Her mother had died the year before; her sister Marie was happily married.

“More than once during those last months at Soulaines, Sister Theodore’s courage failed her. She was tempted to tell Mother Mary [Lecor, image on this page] that she could not go, but she was held back by the fact that on her depended the establishment of the mission. The group could not go if she withdrew. She had all but completely made up her mind to accept when she learned she would be given the title of superior general for the new group and any other houses set up in the United States ‘until such time as the bishop of Le Mans and the bishop of Vincennes shall otherwise jointly decide.’ Again her courage failed her.

“This time she decided to write to the bishop of Le Mans for advice. He answered reassuringly that our Lord did not choose the powerful of earth for His apostles, but humble working people: ‘Let us then consider ourselves nothing, but let us be ready for anything. Since you have been chosen, think of nothing but preparing yourself in the best manner you are able; bring to it a good will and rely constantly on help from above.’” (page 48)

To learn more about Saint Mother Theodore, click here.

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Connie McCammon

Connie McCammon worked in the communications office for the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

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