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Sister Mary Ann Lechner

Formerly Sister Robert Ann

Sister Mary Ann was born on February 8, 1929 and died on February 1, 2022.

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Sister Mary Ann was a native of Jasper, Indiana, entered the Congregation on Jan. 8, 1947 and professed final vows on Aug. 15, 1954.

Sister Mary Ann, formerly Sister Robert Ann, graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College with a bachelor’s degree in education. She also earned a master’s degree in education from Indiana State University.

She’s was a teacher mostly in Indiana.

Her final ministry was in prayer at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Sister Mary Ann Lechner (formerly Sister Robert Ann)

Complete Ministry

In Illinois: Teacher, St. Mel, Chicago (1949-54); Teacher, St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet (1956-59).

In Indiana: Teacher, St. Joseph, Terre Haute (1954-56); Principal/Teacher, St. Susanna, Plainfield (1959-65); Teacher, St. John, Vincennes (1965-67); Teacher, St. Ann, Indianapolis (1967-68); Principal/Teacher, St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes (1968-69); Teacher, St. Mary, Lafayette (1969-72); Teacher, St. Ann, Indianapolis (1972-76); Teacher, St. Joan of Arc, Indianapolis (1976-81); Teacher, St. Simon, Indianapolis (1981-97); GED Coordinator, Hispanic Education Center, Indianapolis (1998-2003); Volunteer-Financial Assistant, La Plaza, Inc., Indianapolis (2003-06); Volunteer Receptionist, Woods Day Care/Pre-School, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (2010-14); Volunteer for Providence Spirituality & Conference Center, Archives, Administration Building and Mission Advancement, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (2014-2020); Prayer, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods (2021).


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