Susan Alvey was 93 when she testified as a witness in Mother Theodore’s Cause.

In the following testimonies and reflections, witnesses talk about the love and goodness that Saint Mother Theodore shared with others. Each person was a contemporary of Saint Mother Theodore. These testimonies were given in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Susanna Alvey

93 years old when she gave testimony; lived in Saint Mary’s Village when Mother Theodore Guerin arrived in 1840

“She [Saint Mother Theodore] was a good Mother for her daughters and for all around her. In my opinion, she was a very humble person, a person of solid faith, hope and charity. She was also a prudent, just and temperate person, always ready to share with the poor and to take care of the sick personally or sent her Sisters to them, giving them medicine free of charge.”

Sister Marie Antoinette Buchanan

81 years old when she gave her testimony

“She practiced virtue without affectation. When she was ridiculed or insulted, she remained patient. When she was praised, she tried to persuade herself of the contrary.”

“Her personality incited all around her to devotion. During her life, many considered Saint Mother Theodore a holy person. All the Sisters believed her to be extraordinarily holy.”

Sister Mary Eudoxie Marshall

80 years old when she gave testimony; translated in Mother Theodore’s Journal and her letters

“She [Saint Mother Theodore] observed her vows perfectly. I know this from personal observation. She practiced all the virtues in a high degree.”

“Saint Mother Theodore had the greatest reverence and love for all the mysteries of our religion, especially for the Passion and the Holy Eucharist.”

“Her catechetical instructions showed how well-versed she was in Holy Scripture and tradition.”

“She [Saint Mother Theodore] was always occupied and never permitted others to lose time. She was just in all her dealings. She never made workmen wait for their pay and was very conscientious in keeping contracts. She was never severe in her judgment of others, nor permitted others to be so. I never knew her justice to be doubted by anyone.”