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Prayer during times of anxiety and depression

Lord God. I find myself in a web of darkness.
Anxiety and depression have dulled my mind.
I cannot focus. I have no energy. I am tired but cannot sleep.
I am alone and doubt anyone knows of my despair.

I don’t know from where these demons come.
But they come and dampen my soul.
If hope is there, it is but a flicker far in the distance.

O God. Find me. I beg you to help me gather up my scattered self.

Lead me to a path where the darkness clears and
that flicker becomes a glow. Take me there.


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Sister Mary Tomlinson

Sister Mary Tomlinson

Sister Mary Tomlinson has been a Sister of Providence for 30 years. She is currently retired and ministers doing freelance grant writing work. Sister Mary works from a home base in the Chicago area where she lives near her son and his family, including her four granddaughters.

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