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In Honor of the Mother Theodore and Her Companions

The official portrait of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin (Saint Theodora).

I want to write a poem to honor Mother Theodore
and her companions; six brave women
who came into the forests of Indiana
175 years ago to teach women and children and to make our
Provident God become a part of their life.

But I have no words which can adequately describe them,
or their heroic deeds, their self-sacrifice, or their
abounding faith and trust in Providence.
Words seem to vanish from my mind and descriptions seem
empty when I think about these holy, dedicated and
faith-filled women of Providence.

Dear Mother Theodore, you and your companions tirelessly
toiled on these sacred grounds and beyond to bring
the gospel of love, mercy and justice
to the young and the old, the needy and the privileged; indeed,
to everyone that needed guidance and encouragement,
without any reservations or qualms about
your own safety and comfort.

You led by example, touching and motivating others
to follow you; fifteen hundred plus young women have
come and gone in the service of God because of your
total surrender to Providence.

Oh dear pioneers, the Woods gives me a sense of the
joys you felt during your walks along these
hallowed grounds, of the wonders you expressed
looking up at the skies at night, of the crisp air that
kissed your cheeks in the early morning hours, and
the peace and tranquility of this place that you
and, we, your daughters of the Woods, call home.

It is with grateful hearts that we, your daughters,
celebrate you and this holy feast. We stand upon
your shoulders’ strength and rest in your hearts’ fidelity.
Guide us as we move onward honoring
Providence with our lives.

Happy Foundation Day!

October 22, 2015

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Sister Evelyn Ovalles

Sister Evelyn Ovalles

Sister Evelyn Ovalles, SP, is a Sister of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. She has served in parish ministry and in diocesan marriage tribunals.

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