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Bridge Prayer

Winter of 1987: LeFer Bridge

Lord, it is hard sometimes to believe
that you are really present in this world of ours.

But I do believe it, Lord!
Please help me live my life in such a way
that it will be easier for others to recognize you.

When I find doubt,
help me bring a little light.

Where I find discouragement,
let me be a ray of hope in the darkness.

To those who feel estranged and alienated
from you and your Church,
let me be as a bridge.

When I meet those
who have been hurt or misunderstood,
help me leave only the imprint
of your healing love and compassion.

Lord, wherever I go and to whomsoever I meet,
help me be an instrument of your peace.

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Sister Bernice Kuper

Sister Bernice Kuper

Sister Bernice Kuper was an experienced spiritual director. Her ministry had been broadened by her education which included a master's degree in education from Notre Dame and post-graduate work in counseling, the Art of Spiritual Direction, Clinical Pastoral Education in a hospital setting and parish ministry. Sister Bernice passed away in November 2013. Read Sister Bernice’s Obituary here.

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