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A nurses’ prayer to be enough during COVID-19 pandemic

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Lord Jesus, You only have us
to care for COVID-19 patients,
to reassure they are not alone, that we will do our very best, and they are safe.
Let us be Your presence.

Lord Jesus, You only have us
to watch closely for changes in breathing, panic in eyes, quickened pulse.
We act, respond to whatever presents, and then we pray.
Let us be Your healing touch.

Lord Jesus, You only have us,
to give comfort when pain is in every movement, without loving family support.
We medicate, monitor, adjust ventilators and IV lines, and invent communication pathways.
Let us be Your comfort and relief.

Lord Jesus, You only have us,
to come back tomorrow, to face our own fears and exhaustion.
We use caution, and PPE, and experience, and new technology to stop corona progress.
Let us be Your vigilance.

Lord Jesus, You only have us,
to stand in for You. Make ours Your healing touch. Make ours the words You’d speak.
Make our outreach to families and loved ones the comfort and hope You’d give.
Let us be Your love.

Lord Jesus, You only have us,
when a colleague falls ill, our ranks are diminished and threatened.
Make our efforts enough to go ‘round, let it be enough for all,
As you did the loaves and fishes, enough for all.
Let us be Your enough.

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Sister Patricia Linehan

Sister Patricia Linehan

Sister Pat graduated from St. Francis School of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio, 1963, the University of Washington, 1975 (BSN) and 1979 (M.Ed.) and Indiana State University, 2008, (MFA, Graphic Design). She has worked in all aspects of nursing service as a general provider, then specializing in neurosurgical nursing and neuro-intensive care. She retired in 1989 from the United States Navy Nurse Corps, where she served aboard the US Navy Hospital Ship Repose, (AH-16) RVN, and stateside in Rhode Island, California, New York, Washington, Florida and Maryland. In 1993 she entered the Novitiate of the Sisters of Providence, and professed Final Vows in 2000. St. Ann Clinic has been her only nursing assignment as a sister. She now ministers as a Free Lance Artist and Photographer.

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