Mother Mary Raphael Slattery

Mother Mary Raphael (Mary) Slattery was born on January 17, 1863, at Galesburg, Illinois. On September 4, 1882 she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Providence. In 1902 she was elected General Treasurer, a position which she held for the next twenty-four years, demonstrating pronounced financial ability. As treasurer she was also buyer and so was instrumental in furnishing the buildings erected during Mother Mary Cleophas’ term of office. She was concurrently involved with the financial operations of the expanding educational institutions during this period. Consequently when elected Superior General in 1926, Mother Mary Raphael was fully conversant with the financial status of the Congregation. This proved providential, since her term of office occurred during the Great Depression and the debts incurred by the heavy building program were able to be successfully re-financed. Also during her time in office the Juniorate was established for high school girls interested in entering the convent, and Provinces were formed. In 1938 after completing two terms as Superior General, she retired to ordinary community life. Mother Mary Raphael died on September 9, 1940.