Mother Mary Cecilia Bailly died Aug. 2, 1898, at St. Ann Orphanage in Terre Haute, Ind.

In the last year of her life she was confined to her room at the orphanage. The superiors at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods wished to have her at home where she could be better cared for. They reserved the best room at New Providence for her and even named it St. Cecilia’s. But she decided to remain at her post at the orphanage and died there Aug. 2, 1898. She was 83 years old.

The book, “In God’s Acre” had some nice words about the end of Mother Mary Cecilia’s life:

“Thus the final tribute was paid to an eventful life of eighty-three years. How the elements of a mortal career are mixed! — sunshine and shadow, success and failure, achievement and defeat, but all leading to the Great Beyond. It is a marvel how the Providence of God manifests itself in multitudinous ways. Here we see the little Indian of the northern Lakes becoming one of the Torch-bearers of Christian education in southern Indiana and a notable factor in the expansion of St. Mary-of-the-Woods.”

This article was written by Paul Beel, a staff member in the Mission Advancement office and an admirer of Mother Mary Cecilia Bailly. Paul is also a Providence Associate.