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HOPE fall 2019 — A matter of hope: the future of religious life

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A matter of hope: the future of religious life

I trust that there will be courageous women and men who will continue to answer the call of Providence to respond with integrity and passion to the most urgent needs in society.

Wisdom and the future of religious life

We Sisters of Providence don’t believe religious life is dead. That we cannot see how religious life will be lived in the future doesn’t keep us from believing that it will.

Faces of our future: a new generation of Sisters of Providence

The Sisters of Providence are blessed to have eight women in initial formation and temporary profession here in the United States. Let me share what they are up to currently.

Preparing the next generation of Sisters of Providence

The postulant sees what it means to be sister to one another, to pray, celebrate, have fun together and to experience the sacred in the ordinary. She is invited into our common efforts to be Providence through sustainable living, accountability to one another and respect for differences.

Prayer: Be with me in my searching

Open my mind, my heart to the possibility that I am called to the life as a woman religious. Grant me courage as I continue this journey of questioning.

Sister Delan Ma at ease with God and others

“Just trust God. God will provide. Even tomorrow what will happen we don’t know. Believe there is God. God doesn’t always give happy feelings. But in the end we are looking to eternal life. Cooperate and trust and believe.”

Interculturality: journey of radical welcome

Interculturality – What is it? Why has it become a notion central to many conversations in the Providence community? Why is it key as we continue to evolve as religious in the 21st Century?

Come and See life as a Sister of Providence

Our twice-a-year Come and See weekend retreats offer single, Catholic women between the ages of 18 and 42 the opportunity to come and experience life first hand with the Sisters of Providence.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin moment: a mother’s letter to new postulants

Long ago we offered prayers for you, for your generous mother. When you write to her tell her that I shall try to be a mother to you, that I love you already as my beloved child, and that all the Sisters are anxiously waiting to have you among them.

Father Ray: inspired by Sisters of Providence work for justice and care for those in need

Father Ray says he supports the Sisters of Providence financially because he has been inspired by the sisters and their diverse ministries caring for all people and our environment. He is inspired by the Congregation’s focus on justice and providing care for those in need.

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