“You get to experience people from all walks of life wanting to work in the same environment with similar ideals.  The interaction and stories can be really inspiring.”
– Tara Elmore, 2014-2015 intern

“It’s such a dynamic way of learning, different from your typical college class.  Many people don’t realize growing your own food takes real skill.”
– Laura Gallagher, 2014-2015 intern


Michael Lantow, 2013 intern

“It’s been such an incredible experience — to really feel like I’m making a tangible difference in our food culture. It’s been great to see how our food is grown and to have a part in doing it. I love that I’ve seen a full cycle of food — from seed to plant to fruit to people.”
— Michael Lantow, 2013 intern

“I got to work with amazing people and do amazing things every day. Farming allows time for quiet reflection and makes you feel much closer to the land you’re working with. I really like getting dirty and exploring the plant life around me.”
— Rebecca Kloskowski, 2013 intern

“The gardening knowledge and life experience that I’ve gained here have become an integrated part of me and will be incorporated into all aspects of my future life.”
— Hannah Zehner, 2012 intern

“I love harvesting the vegetables. That feeds something deep.”
— Gideon Dollarhide, 2012 intern

“I came to the WVC internship summer program with an open mind to experience fully all that was placed in front of me. I am leaving now having learned so much about myself and so much about the expansiveness of Creation and a clear direction of what small part I can play in educating others through my experience and my example of living a more sustainable lifestyle.”
—Sister Kara McKenney, 2011 intern

“The first time I learned about WVC’s internship program, I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I was particularly attracted to the center’s commitment to fostering an environment that recognizes the interdependence of all creation within a community, a commitment that I share as well. My interest and appreciation for the environment has deepened during my time as an organic gardening intern at WVC.  In addition to expanding my knowledge of environmental and social justice issues, I had the opportunity to participate in workshops, lectures, and educational activities. Spending endless hours seeding, weeding, and harvesting organic produce has taught me the importance of supporting local farmers and has given me a newfound appreciation for the work that they do.”
—Devon Arndt, 2011 intern

“Interning at WVC has given me the chance to seed, weed, water, harvest and cook many of my own meals. Through this experience and the educational component of WVC, I have become reminded of how removed I had become from the food on my dinner plate and the land, people and weather that produced it. For me, the decision to eat locally grown food is no longer only a way to help protect the natural world, but to foster my own personal connection with nature and with the other members of my community. It is also a way to take pride and joy in the food that I eat.”
—Helen Angell, 2011 intern

“My internship at the White Violet Center has strengthened my interests in animal husbandry and healthcare, as well as granted me confidence in my future career choice in veterinary medicine. Working with alpacas was a unique experience I’ll cherish forever. The knowledge, support, and encouragement from all the WVC staff made the summer an extraordinary learning opportunity. I wish I could stay longer and would recommend this program to anyone who has a heart for animals.”
—Madeleine Little, 2011 intern