Please join us in our “grow one more” campaign and find out where you can make a difference with your fresh food or flowers.

Whether you grow flowers, vegetables or fruit, “grow one more.”

Grow one more plant, one more pound, one more bushel, one more ton for your neighbor, for the worker down the street who lost his/her job, for the local food bank, for the single parent on food stamps or for whomever needs a smile. Let’s be responsible for each other.

There is not a lot we can do as individuals to change this economy, but together we can gather a ton of food and flowers to brighten and flavor our corner of Earth.

If you like our idea and want to be a member of the “grow one more” campaign, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Just grow it!
  2. Find the area of most need in your own community.
  3. Email Lorrie Heber, director of White Violet Center, at or call her at 812-535-2930 at the end of the season with the weight of the produce and flowers.
  4. Indicate if you helped a person, a shelter or food bank.

Each year, by Thanksgiving, all the weights of your/our labor will be tallied and sent off to our U.S. president. Let’s do our part to help one another and care for Earth — happy planting!