Upcoming alumnae reunion dates


St. John Academy – September 2018 (Contact Clare Biggers at cbiggers321@att.net)

St. Rose Academy – September 22, 2018 (Contact Mary Ann Thacker at marypearl66@yahoo.com)

Marywood Evanston – October 6, 2018 (Contact Sue Brander at branderps@ameritech.net)

Providence (Chicago) – October 27, 2018 (Contact providencealumnae@sbcglobal.net or by voicemail, Andrea Pocica, 708-802-4722)

Immaculata – October 2018 (Contact Tina McManus Harrington at tmh9801@aol.com)

Indy All-Girls – November 4, 2018 (Contact Sue Dillane Powell at powell0626@msn.com)


Ladywood – Unknown (Contact Sister Jackie Hoffman at jhoffman@spsmw.org)

Marywood Orange – Unknown

Chicago area schools Memorial Liturgy – Unknown (Contact Shawn Campbell at scampbell@guerinprep.org)


Aspirancy/Juniorate – June 26, 2020 (Contact Barb Kovats Tuttle at barbkt@tampabay.rr.com)



Connie Gualano is the alumnae/i relations manager for the Sisters of Providence. You may reach her at 812-535-2811 or email cgualano@spsmw.org.