The following is the outcome statement from the 2016 General Chapter. This document will help set a direction for the Congregation for the next five years.

Embracing Our Emerging Future

O my God, grant that all who dwell in this house may be your Providence through …

Growing in relationship with all who share the chrism of Providence:

Increasing our awareness that we are an international, multicultural community

Continuing with hope for the future to invite and encourage new members and new associates

Extending our outreach to visitors and volunteers to the Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore, the White Violet Center, and Providence Spirituality & Conference Center

… may love Thee much, may love one another,

Fostering contemplative conversations:

Encouraging one another in accepting needed austerities

Assessing LGUs and other decision-making processes

Considering revision of the Constitutions along with the Complementary Document

… and may never forget why they came here

Making choices for the good of the whole – the Congregation and all creation:

Supporting one another in our commitment to be mission- and ministry-driven

Committing ourselves to our chosen justice focus on the environment

Living mindfully so as to make apparent that community is ministerial

Relying on Providence

You ought not to give way to uneasiness about the future. Put yourself gently into the hands of Providence.

— Saint Mother Theodore Guerin