The following were actions voted on at the 2011 General Chapter of the Sisters of Providence. All were accepted.

Adopting a Land Ethic

We, the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, commit ourselves to develop a Land Ethic using a Congregation-wide consultation process over the next two years. This Land Ethic will guide our decision-making with regard to the use of all our lands now and into the future.

Placement and Wording of Article on Providence Associates

Recommended Title: Providence Associates

Recommended Revision: Persons who desire participation for a time in the life and mission of the Congregation in its service to the people of God may request to enter a Providence Associate relationship. Having completed a formation period, they make an application to become Providence Associates. Providence Associates make a formal commitment to share their gifts as they collaborate with Congregation members in furthering the designs of Providence.

Recommended Placement: The article on Providence Associates will be placed between the sections on “Membership” and “Government” (p. 5) as its own section in the Complementary Document.

Wording of the Prayer of Reunion

The Prayer of Reunion of the Sisters of Providence will begin: “We unite with all our sisters and all who share the charism of Providence, wherever they may be . . . .”

Number of Elected General Councilors

Based on our lived experience, we, the current General Council, recommend that four full-time councilors be elected in conjunction with the election of the General Superior.

Chapter Focus: Refounding the Congregation by Facing the Future and by Responding to the Call to Action in Ministry

“Perfect abandonment of ourselves in all things for the future requires great courage, but we ought to aspire to it.” — Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

To free ourselves to better respond to urgent global issues, especially those impacting women and Earth:

  • We will engage in a Congregation-wide assessment of all of our ministries to determine their sustainability and effectiveness as lived expressions of love, mercy and justice.
  • We will create new forms of collaboration with Providence Associates and other partners for the mission.
  • We will commit to those ministries which best respond to the signs of the times and can be realistically sustained.
  • We will support one another as we implement the difficult decisions ahead in a just and loving way.

As daughters of Mother Theodore, we do all of this grounded in the Gospel, our vows, prayer and contemplative dialogue.