Richard Walker sorts paper in the recycling barn at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind.

Major recycling efforts is one way the Sisters of Providence are fulfilling their commitment of sustainable living at their motherhouse at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind.

The Sisters of Providence recycling efforts are under the auspices of facilities management.

The materials are trucked by facilities management staff members to the Indiana State University Recycle Center, Data Management or Sugar Creek Scrap.

The Sisters of Providence recycle:

  • plastic #1 and #2 (any color, lids are not recyclable). The number is usually on the bottom of the container inside a triangle.
  • aluminum cans
  • tin cans
  • glass (any color)
  • paper separated using these four categories:
    • newspaper,
    • magazines (separate slick paper, if possible),
    • computer, typing paper (mixed colors can be together),
    • shredded paper
  • cardboard (please flatten)
  • books (paper or hardback), (put with paper or cardboard)
  • used motor oil (place the container outside the west garage door, near the greenhouse)

Recycle at work and at home

You are urged to join with the Sisters of Providence in a commitment to recycling as one way we can save the landfills and encourage sustainability of resources.

Start small to avoid being overwhelmed. Maybe begin with designating two containers in your home for newspapers and plastic collection.

Get in the habit of rinsing items before you recycle them. Find a recycling center near you and decide how often you’ll make trips.

In the Terre Haute, Ind., area

Find out more about the Indiana State University Recycle Center.

Find out more about the Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries.

For more information about the Sisters of Providence recycling program, contact Sister Rose Ann Eaton at 812-535-2901 or