O’Shaughnessy Dining Room


The décor of O’Shaughnessy Dining Room is quite elegant and requires little decoration. If decorating does occur, care should be taken not to deface or damage any interior surface.

  • The pillars are affixed with anchors to which swags or floral arrangements may be attached. Do not use tape on pillars.
  • Table decorations are permitted.
  • Candles are permitted provided they have receptacles to catch dripping wax. Large floor candelabra should have plastic protection under them.
  • Confetti is not permitted — paper or metallic.
  • No indoor or outdoor fireworks allowed.
  • Decorating times must be pre-approved and confirmed by both Sodexo and Providence Center.
  • Decorations, props, risers, staging, etc. must be removed immediately after the event.


  • Smoke machines are not allowed in any form. The smoke affects our fire alarm system.
  • Confetti canons may not be shot off in the room.
  • Equipment must be removed immediately after the event.


Sodexo Service is the contracted catering provider for Providence Spirituality & Conference Center. Our authorized caterer must provide all food, drinks and alcoholic beverages for scheduled events. Sodexo may be contacted at 812- 535-4285 or by e-mail at catering@smwc.edu. Sodexo will issue a separate contract for the catering service. Wedding cakes and specialty cakes may be provided by other licensed vendors.

Bar service and regulations

Liquor, wine, champagne and beer service must be provided by Sodexo. Clients and guests must comply with all federal, state and local regulations. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed beyond O’Shaughnessy Dining Room or the Lobby. Indiana state law prohibits the transport of alcoholic beverages onto the Providence Center premises by private individuals. Non-compliance will not be tolerated.

Dance floor

A portable dance floor is provided with the rental of O’Shaughnessy Dining Room. The dance floor is customarily located in the center of the room. The dance floor can be removed or relocated to a different area of the room at a fee of $150.00. There are a total of sixty-four 3’x3’ panels that may be configured to fit the event’s table/chair arrangement.

Tables and chairs

There are seventy-two 3 1/2’ x 6’ rectangular dining tables and five hundred chairs available in O’Shaughnessy for your use. For groups of more than 500, additional charges may apply for table and chair rental. In cases where less than the total number of tables and chairs are being used, the excess tables and chairs will be stored in an unused area of the O’Shaughnessy Dining Room. Under no circumstances may the dining tables be removed from O’Shaughnessy Dining Room. Due to liability reasons lessees and their agents are not allowed to move or re-arrange tables.


Providence Center offers a wide variety of audio-visual equipment for use at your event. Equipment must be reserved a minimum of two weeks in advance with the Associate Director of Providence Center. Rental and technician prices are available upon request.


Security is required by Providence Center policy. This guard service is contracted by the Sisters of Providence. One guard is required for groups up to 250. For more than 250 guests, a second guard is required.


Event and directional signage may be placed on the Avenue to assist your guests. These signs must be removed immediately following the event. Signs may not be taped to the glass entrance of Providence Center.


Smoking is not allowed inside buildings or on the grounds of the Sisters of Providence.


There are ample parking spaces both on the south and west sides of Providence Center. Several spaces are designated as handicapped areas. The no-parking area in front of the building is for emergency vehicles only. Wheelchairs are available upon request.

Wedding ceremonies/expos/conferences

When specialty events are held in O’Shaughnessy or the Providence Center Lobby, labor charges will be incurred for re-setting the rooms.

For more information about renting Providence Center facilities, contact Providence Center facilities manager Tiffany Watson at 812-535-2946 or e-mail TWatson@spsmw.org or call 812-535-4531 (automated attendant – press 1) or 1-877-268-2946 (toll free).