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Keeping Earth: Religious and Scientific Perspectives on the Environment

September 16, 2017 at 9:00 am - 3:00 pm EDT

Providence Hall Community Room

1 Sisters of Providence
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876


Through the words of scientists and Popes, we examine the reality of the degradation of the planet; the moral imperative to take action; and the power of informed individual, to create change.

Today science has given us a glimpse into a universe unimaginable only a few years ago.  With  new understandings comes the responsibility to reflect on how the attitudes and actions of the human community have placed much of that  life in great jeopardy.  We are called by scientists, environmentalists, Popes and religious leader across the globe to be responsible in shaping a sustainable future.  Through knowledge of critical issues impacting the future of the planet and all life upon it, we are moved to action toward a sustainable future.  In this program we will hear the facts;listen to the words of scientists and religious leaders; discuss possibilities for change; and move toward  a just, sustainable future.

Cost includes lunch.

Facilitated by

Lorrie Heber

Lorrie-Heber-webLorrie Heber brings a wealth of experience to her new role as director of White Violet Center for Eco-Justice. The president of Our Green Valley Alliance for Sustainability and board member for Terre Foods Cooperative Market, Lorrie takes special interest in sustainable food systems and in serving those in the community.

Sister Ann Sullivan

Sister Ann Sullivan, SP, has spent many years on the faculty of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College teaching theology, psychology and gerontology. She holds a Doctor of Ministry in pastoral counseling. With a background as educator, therapist and pastoral counselor, she has worked as both presenter and consultant in these fields. She has given retreats and programs in Ireland, Canada and the U.S.

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