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We can all use a little help with prayer sometimes. The Sisters of Providence hope to help inspire you! Whether it's the perfect Saint Mother Theodore Guerin quote or a prayer written by a Sister of Providence, let the right words bring Providence into your life. Browse the prayers below or if you're looking for something specific, use the “Topics” search in the search area.

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Topic: failure


“I feel as stupid as a turkey.”

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“God alone can console you, strengthen you.”

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“For me in particular [Sister Saint Francis Xavier] was a friend that one does not lose twice in a lifetime. She filled the void left in so many instances by my failures.”

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“In short, when you have committed a fault, disavow it before God; ask [God's] pardon, promise to do better in the future. Make a good act of love, and after that, go your way as though nothing had happened.”

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“Let us take care not to become discouraged.”

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Prayer for the Faces of our Grief

When my faith is shaken, please God, remind me of your love for me.
When I am lonely, help me to reach out and share my feelings with others.
When I am stuck in memories of the past, give me the graces I need to forgive and be forgiven.…

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September 24
“My duty has been simply that of the ass who bore the prophet.”
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