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We can all use a little help with prayer sometimes. The Sisters of Providence hope to help inspire you! Whether it's the perfect Saint Mother Theodore Guerin quote or a prayer written by a Sister of Providence, let the right words bring Providence into your life. Browse the prayers below or if you're looking for something specific, use the “Topics” search in the search area.

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18 results

Topic: creation


Dandelion Prayer

Unwelcomed Save by children, Dandelion, I declare you Patron flower Of prophets. Who would Believe such power Lies within The beauty Of your soft Geometric fluff Posed to take A…

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Prayer for healing

Jesus, let me just touch your garment as did the woman of ancient times. O Divine Healer, please stay right here, if you will, while I hurry back with all…

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Dawn at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

These winter days dark greets my waking, sometimes stars and moon. Flinger of stars, your power astounds. I feel so small. How like the little birds flying about, full of…

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Litany of Saint Mother Theodore

That we, like you, may abandon ourselves to the will of God …
Pray for us, Saint Mother Theodore …

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Providence Prayer

My life, with all of its ups and downs, I gently place into your hands, Provident God. My loved ones, those here and those living in the fullness of your…

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God of Providence

God of Providence, lead us, lead us in your wisdom; Into fruitfulness, lead us, lead us together, lead us to freedom in your Spirit. God of Jesus Christ, lead us,…

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December 8
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
“O Mary, without spot, protect thy house of the Woods!”
– Saint Mother Theodore Guerin