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We can all use a little help with prayer sometimes. The Sisters of Providence hope to help inspire you! Whether it's the perfect Saint Mother Theodore Guerin quote or a prayer written by a Sister of Providence, let the right words bring Providence into your life. Browse the prayers below or if you're looking for something specific, use the “Topics” search in the search area.

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2 results

Topic: Advent


Advent/Christmas Prayer

O Come, O Come, long-awaited Savior and ever-present Emmanuel! We rejoice in your living among us and within us. At the same time we ask that you … Cure our…

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Advent Poem

ADVENT journey down through the centuries of people seeking God to become flesh in their lives journey of people in high places journey of the lowly and the simple journey…

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March 31
“ yourself are often the cause of what you suffer. And I say it also in order that you may endeavor to become more amiable and loving, more united to Our Lord...”
– Saint Mother Theodore Guerin