Saint Mother Theodore Guerin died May 14, 1856.

When Mother Theodore died in her bed, Sister Mary Cecilia was right there by her side. She sent out a circular to all sisters announcing Mother Theodore’s death. This is an excerpt from the circular:

“This excellent Superior, this tender Mother, we have lost. The Almighty Himself has ravished her from our need and from our affection. What remains for us to do? Is it to despond? I say no, though as I say it, I feel my heart sicken within me, my knees sink under me, and my mind is so agitated that I am barely able to pen these lines; still I will hold out to you words of encouragement. We must remember, my dear Sisters, that our duties remain the same; we have our God to serve, and to serve Him in high perfection.

“Dear Sisters, we suffer in unison; we offer you our sympathy and we receive yours in return. That we may never sever the bond of charity in which our dear Mother leaves us, must be our constant prayer and daily desire.

“Your mournful sister at the foot of the Cross,
Sister Mary Cecilia”

This article was written by Paul Beel, a staff member in the Mission Advancement office and an admirer of Mother Mary Cecilia Bailly. Paul is also a Providence Associate.