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Calling all moms! Come out to the Woods for this retreat!

I don’t know about you, but I am somewhere between never wanting my child to grow up and jumping for joy that there may be a day in the future when he can drive himself somewhere!

Trying to juggle sports practices and dinner, laundry and homework, encouragement and discipline can be downright exhausting sometimes!

Without question, being a mom is the greatest joy of my life – to watch my child learn a new skill or laugh uncontrollably while playing a game with his dad makes my heart sing, but his momma needs to step back sometimes and re-center so she can do the holy and hard task of raising up the future.

For me, I have to make a commitment to take these pauses. I have what feels like 10,000 things I should be doing before I take a moment for myself. I also tend to feel overwhelming guilt at putting myself before my family (but you and I both know that there is no shame in rest – God rested as an example for us all!).

The reality is that if we never rest, we are incapable of doing our best, and our babies deserve our best. We need to share our struggles and our triumphs with others who can relate; we need to hear encouraging messages and have time to reflect; we need to be able to go to the bathroom without someone wanting to know where we went and what we’re having for dinner.

To do this, we need to commit to taking the time, and there may be no better way to do just that than to attend the Sisters of Providence upcoming “Retreat for Busy Moms.”

This two-night getaway was designed with the busy mom in mind. There will be times to share, pray, walk, learn, encourage, and rest. Moms will have the option of enjoying a little pampering with massages and wine. They will have time to just be themselves and let the day-to-day worries go away. They will be tools in which other moms are built up and put back together. And most importantly, they will be given the opportunity to re-center and recharge so that they are ready to do this “mother” thing in a way that reflects God’s love.

If you’re a mom who is feeling tired and overwhelmed, or you’re just in need of a little perspective and emotional support, this retreat is for you!

Please consider joining us at 6:30 p.m., on March 27, through 1:30 p.m., on March 29, and let us help remind you of what an awesome mom you are!

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Ashley Poff

Ashley Poff is the marketer for Providence Spirituality & Conference Center. She came to work with the Sisters of Providence in August 2019.

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